AbouT Me

saint paul | minneapolis

I’m a Twin Cities native, born and bred in the North. As an introverted extrovert with a mishmash of things that tug at my heart, I tend to flit between opposites: people and solitude, strategy and romanticism, whimsy and precision. But amid that ebb and flow, my constant has always been that I'm smitten with words and their power. 

Over the years, I’ve composed and edited content for a variety of organizations, companies, and publications and continue to take on an array of projects. I have a knack for telling other people's stories, and writing as a vocation lights a fire at my core. I think it's because story is the thing for which our hearts ache, and words are the conduit for naming the unnamed. It’s why we’re charmed by television and the theater, and it’s why we go on dates, make art, and break bread together.

Writing has always been my soft place to land, my weapon of choice, and my way to unfold the stuff of life. I’m all about the variation, the hard depths, the array and medley of each day and its workings. I’ve always liked absorbing voice and casting influence, and it’s my goal to do our stories justice.

Whatever it is that needs to be said, I want to be the one to say it, and I hope you’ll follow along with me.  



I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

feel free to Send me a note at lauren.a.elrick@gmail.com, or find me on Instagram OR Twitter.