I tread the line between tangled and organized, spontaneous and planned. Proofreading and editing alike satisfy my meticulous side, and I find great satisfaction in tinkering with work in order to maximize it for its greatest potential. Spotting lost commas and misspelled words is like a game to me, and whether you need some big-picture substantive edits or more particular proofreading, I'd be happy to comb through whatever piece of work you're looking to publish in the near future. 


Fox meets Bear

I worked with Johnna Holmgren to hone and polish her proposal for her cookbook, Tales From a Forager's Kitchen, which will soon be published via Rodale Publishing. The cookbook will center around adventurous cooking and foraging, evoke an appreciation for Minnesota living, and will bring nourishment, discovery, and wonder back to the table. Watch for it in stores, online, and all over the world in Spring 2018!

Forensic examination of windows-supported file systems 

While my husband designed the graphics for this textbook, I combed through each chapter to spellcheck, adapt, and edit grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. This project was intensive, but after revisions and enhancements, the textbook has now sold over 500 copies and is a leading, one-of-a-kind piece sold for computer forensics classes all over the world. 

the communication boutique

The Communication Boutique is a PR and social media company in the Twin Cities. I worked with the owner to proofread and edit a variety of blog posts, articles, bios, and other pieces in order to expedite her team's writing and publishing process. When deadlines were pressing, I often turned pieces around in less than 24 hours so she could hit her targets and connect with clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

redleaf press

As the Editorial Productions Intern in 2012, I assisted in the preparation of final manuscripts by copyediting, proofreading, and fact checking various documents. I participated in interior design and cover design reviews, as well as title choice meetings. I also created copyright agreement buttons for the online site, registered for copyrights and CIP's for various documents, selected photos for early childhood education textbooks, and recorded pricing.

minnesota public radio

As the Communications Intern in 2012, I developed lists of traditional and non-traditional media contacts, monitored daily media and online social network posts for mentions of MPR|APM, maintained a database of media mentions of MPR|APM, and wrote press releases for regional events as needed. I also proofread and copyedited portions of articles for the MPR section in Minnesota Monthly, and researched and wrote targeted pitches to niche blogs.

University of NOrthwestern-St. Paul: The ALPHA Center

While I attended UNW, one of my primary jobs was working as a writing tutor in the university's Academic Learning Program for Higher Achievement (ALPHA) Center. I taught students both writing and grammar skills for 3.5 years in order to help develop their academic writing abilities, as well as assist them in passing the Editing Competency Exam (ECE) required for graduation. By evaluating students' progress, I worked to develop and motivate college peers to pursue success with confidence.