meteor shower

I feel so alive today.

Last night, a group of us drove out to the country to watch the meteor shower. We caught the tail end of it but even so, it was beautiful. It was perfectly still out and the air was cold and clear. Each person was wearing about six layers of clothing, so we closely resembled large, multicolored lumps sitting out in a cornfield. Being under an expanse as large as the sky in such an open area is really humbling. To truly imagine each one of those tiny lights as big as an entire planet suddenly made me feel very small.

In a sense, this falling of stars put me back in my place. I often have an I-can-do-it-myself-attitude, but seeing this hugeness...well, I certainly can't do it myself. This comprises feelings that are quite the opposite of arrogance as well, such as worry and doubt. "Well God, how am I supposed to know what Your will is for me if I can't even figure out what I like and want?" The logic of this escapes me but I pray that so often. How about I just give it all to the Lord and let Him worry about it?

Anyways, so we got back at like three in the morning and everyone was dead tired. However, since I didn't have class today, I got to sleep in until about eleven, so I woke up completely rested and feeling very much alive. My devo was on prayer and the perseverance within that, and I couldn't help but think of Obed's Warriors and the 4am jaunts. I was meeting a couple friends for lunch, so I grabbed my iced coffee from the fridge and caught the shuttle. It was mild and clear out and the sky was extra blue I think...yes, today is good.