The firmament has waited to fall apart.It will be in November.

Then, when I am scuffling over sleet and concrete, when my fingers are too weak to write, when the sun gasps for air at five-hours-from-noon, I will glance up sharply. Something in our atmosphere has ripped. Only enough to let time slide out and dissolve

in the boiling pressure of infinite things. Didn't I cry out then? Didn't someone say we are fragile?

Far too fragile for something like real space. Especially since my spirit has been crumpled like the ultra-thin papers of ancient writing all crammed into clay; the Qumran cave that waits for a hurtling rock to interpret its insides. If the rock never comes,

the sea will.

(but paper is no match for water)

- Brianna Tongen Yes folks. I do go to college with her. It's okay be jealous.

Quick update though:

1. I finally got my long-awaited cartilage piercing. Not too drastic, I know, but it was a nice Merry Christmas surprise from Rahnny. We got cinnamon bagels and OJ, and then she drove me straight to the place and announced that I was getting it done, and she was paying for it.

2. I've been consuming bubble tea at an alarming rate this week. A friend of mine tried it for the first time on Saturday, and he described it as an "invasion of the mouth." I have to admit it's a pretty weird feeling, but worth it.

3. I am an acrobat. I cannot get in or out of my bunk at college without climbing onto my desk, swinging my leg awkwardly over the post, and then army crawling to my pillow due to the low ceiling. Getting out of bed in the morning would probably be a treat for someone to watch...I'm generally half asleep, trying to reach for the desk with my toes but frequently misinterpreting the distance and knocking various items too the ground in one big clatter. Yes, I have fallen out of bed several times this semester.

4. My roommates and I have discovered the pull-out bed in our dorm. It has remained out in the living room for a week now, and we have frequented it with Reeses Pieces, tea, and movies most nights.

5. I only have one more Anthropology class left. Enough said.

8:30am is too early to be learning about this kind of thing.

6. God is still doing crazy things (obv). Seriously, if I have a chance to talk with any of you in person, I'd love to tell you about this prayer thing and 3 am and the spiritual warfare and the faithfulness He's been showing - I don't mean that in your normal, everyday cliche way either. but seriously ask me.

7. There is a snowstorm coming tomorrow. I have a mixture of wonderful and hateful feelings about this. Mostly wonderful though because the weather has waited a legit amount of time before dumping thigh-high amounts of snow on our campus. That and I am getting pretty pumped to snowboard. Okay well, I should be typing my paper on the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, but Amy and I are hungry now and are going to Punch pizza. K, bye.