paper hearts

This is a dream I had last night.Maybe someone will understand it.

Two of my good friends came over to my house to practice for worship in my basement. There was a keyboard and a piano down there, and we dabbled a bit with different tunes, but then realized we needed to go get sheet music. I was reluctant. I didn't want to go upstairs and get the pages. I would be alone. But I knew it was necessary. I climbed the stairs and found what I was looking for.

But it wasn't sheet music.

In my hands, I held a chain of index cards that contained perforated edges in the shape of hearts. I punched out the paper hearts and began fiercely throwing them over the railing to the basement [I was a bit annoyed]. The hearts were all different colors, and they fluttered to the ground downstairs. Suddenly the basement began to flood, and the water washed the hearts towards the pianos, where they became magnets and various shapes and stuck to the wall.

And then it ended.