Today I found out one of my dearest friends has been clinically diagnosed with narcolepsy. We died laughing. I just bought sock monkey slippers. and they are the best thing ever; It's not everyday that you have footwear that is happy to see you. Target has been out of Splenda for approximately three weeks. Don't worry I've been checking. twice a week. I dreamt about an important decision I needed to make, decided what to do in the dream, and then carried that out in real life. Is that okay to do? If you don't bring things to the Lord,


you may become disheartened. That was made quite clear to me two hours ago. In Physio Psyc today, I learned that it's detrimental to your health to sleep with the light on. You wont produce enough melatonin. I'm not going to explain that, just Google it and make sure your room is unlit.