I love people observing. (Understanding? Beholding?)

Like the boy who was burning something (I think) in a parking space outside Knutson and then randomly ran in a mad rush back into the dorms. And then back out. And then back in. And then back out to the parking lot. And then back in. I was going to roll down my window and ask him if he needed help, but we pulled away before he came out again. Weird? Maybe. Absorbing and entertaining? Yes.

Or when my confident physio professor meekly admitted that people have openly mocked him, his mannerisms, and beliefs before. And that it hurt. Didn't see that one coming.

Or the girl who sits towards the front of the class and always has a sweater, shirt, or otherwise falling off one shoulder revealing an alarming amount of tank tops layered beneath and a bit too much skin. I just want to help her out and zip her jacket closed every day.

I've noticed people on sidewalks have a lot of trouble maintaining or making eye contact. And then it gets real awkward when you sort of know the person but not really. I've found that being deliberate is the best bet...none of that hesitating stuff.

The shuttle drivers, security guards, and maintenance men at Northwestern could possibly be the sweetest, most pleasant people on campus. Especially the big, Russian security guard with the white, fu man chu mustache and the fur bomber hat. He's about four times my size, and he gave me a piece of candy yesterday when I got on the bus. No words...just handed it to me.

Some faces just look so lived in, so cultured and grounded in existence. I feel really safe with these people because they'll always know what to do.