i never thought about it like this before.

This is an excerpt from David Batstone's book Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade - and How We Can Fight It:  We have arrived at a momentous stage in the struggle for human freedom. The curtain has gone up, and the future waits for what unfolds. 

All of us wonder how we would have acted in the epic struggles of human history. Would we have stood up and been counted among the courageous and the just?

How would we have responded in 1942 when Nazi soldiers came to our door in pursuit of our Jewish neighbors? Would we have been the collaborator who reveals to the soldiers where the Jews on our block might be found? Or would we have played the role of the spectator who pleads ignorance, minding our own business and watching the drama unfold from our front room window? Or might we have dared to act as an advocate, giving our neighbors shelter in our attic or helping them escape across the border? 

Would we have stood up and been counted among the just?