midmorning march 2

there is much. 

going home with elsie to her place up north in duluth
over spring break, and i couldn't be more excited.
she is such a sweet spirit and my ARD for next year,
so why wouldn't i want to spent gobs of time with her?
wutke has decided she wants to be
an au pair in england this summer. or ireland maybe.
and she actually applied, so i guess i better grab my suitcase
and pack some antique things, fancy lip balms,
and white, down bedding.
this week, physiological psychology is kicking my butt. 
work is picking up. everyone and their brother
has a comp 2 paper to go over. which i don't mind,
i actually like editing.
getting into planning our room for next year.
my future roomie amy and i have been
documenting window curtains, shower curtains, and wall art.
speaking of amy,
she's really sick right now.
she threw up 4 times and then passed out in her
bathtub. you should pray for her,
even if you don't know her. thanks.
i only get sick for one evening at a time;
i get a fever, sore throat, tender nodes,
the whole shebang,
and then i'm better by morning.
i have an extremely resilient body i think.
feeling very inclined to start my lit & writing major soon.
having to wait until next semester though.
news flash: i only have four more classes
and i officially have completed my psychology degree.
been very monotonous in my coffee choices lately
and would love some new suggestions.
im needing to revamp my habits.
the Lord has been intricately weaving occurences
together for me lately. it's actually been really unorthodox.
five days until we fly out. feeling a bit caged
and can't wait much longer.
nina stated yesterday: "i wonder where all the lost things go."
this is quite the thought, that i think requires it's own post. 
have been contemplating that perhaps every
negative response has a corresponding
reason or wound from the past.
like how you really hate being interrupted,
or how being ignored, even a little,
immediately brings you to tears.
maybe i'm just getting carried away with
psychoanalyzing people who are close to me,
but i think this might be legit.
alright, enough of these short, fragmented sentences;
things are beginning to overlap.
all my love, lo.