this was written in january.

Didn't make the original cut and has been cleverly hiding in my drafts for a while.  Today was a beautiful and horrible day. Moods really can change you're whole outlook on life. so can people. I must say, earthly bodies are so frustrating sometimes. It's been one of those days...lovely in many ways but filled with time constraints, difficult conversations, overheated coffeeshops (we were jeans were literally sticking to my legs), previous engagements, persistent dispositions, and a general discontentment.

But as I was walking down to Maranatha to set the stage for that night's production, the Lord had some words for me. The woods were empty and beautiful to my left, and the sky was coherent and simple.

"See my creation?" the Lord was saying, "Don't let the things of this world affect how you conduct yourself or how you love life."

And that's all He said. It felt like the pent-up, tension sort that I had been all day was melting into the sidewalk as I walked.