There was a thunderstorm on tuesday night. The first of the summer. My family always gathers in the living room to watch the lightning out the big picture window and the big trees in the field outside rush back and forth...always an event in this household.

But right now its clear out, and I can hear the sprinkler outside my open window, slowly and comfortingly ticking around. Mom's cooking dinner in the kitchen: wild rice soup with fresh baked bread to be exact. It's sort of twilight out...still a blue sky, but creeping with pink and a darker color stretching toward the far corner of my window. I can see a few stars. I'm perfectly comfortable, under my duvet and propped up with two white pillows. I have a jar of tea next to me, and the fan is whirring loudly. It's warm. I think I could fall asleep in four seconds if I let myself.

The last five days have been solely filled with:

reading (I think I've been to the library about four times now, I just can't get enough). running around colby lake with jojo and amy. working on the quilt that grandma and i started last summer. exploring linden hills and the little bread shop with my mom. naps on the couch in the addition with the sun in patches on the carpet. hikes in afton state park (one of mom's belated mother's day presents). work at gap and the alpha center (those hours are indispensable). the grand ole creamery and walks down summit ave. with the fam. lolling around in the sun (accompanied by the current/classical MPR and spf 15 of course). lots and lots of unpacking. but it's been good...i like sorting myself out in that way, both metaphorically and physically.

Yesterday, Ames and I went to Trader Joes and picked up some dried apricots, chevre with honey fresh goat cheese, and iced mint green tea: we could not have been happier. Also, I found a little sock monkey key chain for my keys at a little shop down by Lake of the Isles, and he is named Clive (this is monumental because I've been searching for one of these for quite a while now).

It's been the best of summer days, really.