So you may or may not be interested to know that I had a dream closely resembling I Am Legend last night. I've decided that I have the weirdest dreams, and they have gotten so ornate when it comes to plot and content that I need to start writing them down. This one was only slightly spooky.

So basically, it was winter out...one of those nights when the snow was blowing in sheets across the street, and somehow, in the back of my mind, I knew that everyone in the city was turning into a zombie (sometimes you just know). I was with Paul, and we were hurriedly driving to my house to get some of my belongings before even my family turned. It was pretty black out...only the snow and streetlights where white. Very monochromatic. Anyway, we arrived, and I remember dumping the contents of my bathroom drawer into my bag and haphazardly grabbing clothes out of my room - I didn't have much time. I saw my mom on the way out and knew just by looking at her that it was almost too late.

We then drove as fast as we could out of town far out into the country (as that would be the safest, clearly.) We stopped at a wooden, shanty-like bed and breakfast? to sleep, and something seemed fishy there too. There were green cornfields all around, and it was dusky outside, quite pretty - but inside, the building had exposed pipes, boring walls, and beige carpet. I had my own room and was about to get ready for bed when a couple random people wandered in all friendly-like. They seemed normal, but I knew they weren't (insert dramatic music here). I ran into the bathroom and dialed Paul's phone to call for help. He answered right away and said he was coming.

And then I woke up. because there were tornado sirens outside, on a Thursday, at 10am, in perfectly sunny & blue sky weather.