when geese attack.

Been learning that margin is very important in life. Like if you get done with class at 3:00pm, and you have a meeting at 3:15pm, but there's a ten minute walk in between...I mean, what if something happens in those five spare minutes? Like what if you get stopped at the corner crossing Snelling for about three rounds of stoplight changes? And what if some geese start crossing the road and everything stops for even longer? And then what if one of those geese starts glaring, weaving, and bobbing it's head in your direction while you stand by yourself on a crosswalk square, and all the drivers in their stopped cars just stare as you walk in a wide arc way off the crosswalk into the middle of the intersection to deliberately avoid the bird pooping on the fifth rectangle? Anyways, in the words of my RD: "Margin is like toilet paper. You don't just use one piece, because what if you make a mistake?"