dear friends, if you feel that i have fallen off the face of the earth... is because i have. The dark world of LIT 3125 and the others, complete with their various four-credit work loads, have pulled me away from life and writing as I used to know it. Not writing makes me feel like I'm shriveling up inside, though. I don't like feeling like a dead plant. So in the name of renewal, here is a list of things I am thinking about this winter and looking forward to in the next several months: boundary water camping garrison keillor's writer's almanac on mpr time to read and therefore write (since reading often leads to writing) elsie's home in wentworth understanding what the feast of the booths was all about in nehemiah seattle and the northern beaches amy's cabin annual sledding at battle creek with jo and liz zumba and cycling channel 2 with the fam finishing my quilt walker art museum with celinda i always get to a point in the summer where i wish it was christmas and a point in the winter where i wish it was summer. december 26th and i already want hot indian summer. - by the way, don't get too lazy to get in your car and run errands in the winter. sometimes i am like this. sometimes i just hate getting out of the car and walking into a store and then walking back outside and getting back in the car. don't be like this. even though it's cold. back to the list - reading all of bleak house by charles dickens gaining more wisdom about what peace in Christ looks like returning my weighted exercise ball for one that doesn't have sand in the bottom finding the ring and pin that i lost (i know they're in the car, it's just a matter of squeezing my hand farther into the cracks than a hand should really go) and coming up with a good new years resolution.

Finally, here is a song to cheer you up in case the winter is long and hard. It's full of clay men with beards and flannel: