a new year.

I love this newly picked, garden-fresh, crisp, unwilted, raw, natural new year already. I only have a pair of considerations for 2011. Two of the biggest things that I complain about not having/taking/making enough time for are the Bible and exercise. Ultimately, knowing the Lord is not solely about reading your Bible everyday - yes, one understands His heart and passions better by reading about Him, but knowing God also includes conversing with Him, worshiping, and just resting in Him. But it can't be all these things and none of the other. So with this blank canvas of a new year, I desire to be with Him everyday (in all arenas, but especially Bible-reading) and also to incorporate the classic push toward healthier living: exercise 3+ times a week (Gwen is signed up with me for this one).

This break has just made me feel so fresh. Even working at The Gap has been easy and enjoyable. mornings and evenings have been especially special. I usually get up late, have some coffee, watch the news, and then exercise at the Y with Jojo or Lifetime with Mom. In the evening, the whole family gathers downstairs with blankets and pizza or tea, and we watch an episode or two of Planet Earth. We love nature shows...anything from BBC or Channel 2.

It's late now, and I can hear our dog, Addie, breathing outside my door. Hearing her sleepy, rhythmic inhale and exhale is making me tired. Getting up early tomorrow to go to a core conditioning class with Amy and then out to Pazzaluna's and Swede Hollow to celebrate her 21st birthday, so I am off to bed.