I wonder if anyone's ever kept a tally of which bathroom stalls are used the most. The long, abandoned bathroom in the basement of the library made me wonder this yesterday morning. Do people like the big, handicapped ones better or the small, fitted stalls that you can hardly turn around in (more cozy? homey?) Or does the common bathroom goer just choose the first one because it's closest to the door? I suppose that a certain personality would habitually use the first stall - in and out. The organized, structured type. Enter, go, come out, wash hands, leave. That's that. I came here for a reason, and now I'm done, so I'm out.

But I bet there are other people who spend a little time choosing a stall...the ones who daydream a little or pray on the toilet. The ones who aren't in a rush and are really only in the bathroom to get out of a work meeting or class for a little think time. One must choose wisely in this case.

I don't think it's disrespectful to pray on the toilet, but then I think about how people took their shoes off when they entered the Holy of Holys and I wonder. What are your thoughts?