I am home, sitting by the fireplace upstairs. The brown afghan on the couch is warm but not too warm, and Mom just made lemon tea and went downstairs. I have my Bible and Bleak House on the pillow, and Addie's staring out the window at the big field and the pine trees next door. The rest of the family is downstairs, about to start a movie, something with Claire Danes I think. I feel so peaceful, and so full of thinking. I've been writing on the backs of napkins and Mapquest directions for the last couple of weeks, and Els gave me the idea to write unplanned thoughts on note cards (carried in my bag of course) like Anne Lamott talks about in Bird by Bird. I try to write in a little notebook, but it always gets left behind on my desk or in the living room. I think I'm going to need to sort for awhile.

Today we went out to western MN to visit Alex, and when we got there, we drank hot chocolate made with Dutch cocoa from some Mennonite farmers, and then we went antiquing. I fell asleep on the way back because the sun was hot on my cheek and my arm, and Els has always been a good driver.

Also, last night I dreamt about an ocean that was rushing into the sky, and we were singing to the Lord and it was echoing everywhere. I think I know what it means but I'm not sure...I'm open to discussion if you have a special knack towards dream interpretation and want the details.

As soon as I got home, Dad mentioned that we might take an impromptu trip up north to stay in a cabin on the north shore. We might just sit and watch the boats in the frozen wharf or hike in the woods (snowshoeing?). What I'm wondering is if it's possible to stay in a lighthouse...If you have any special information or know of any peaceful places near Duluth or Ely, let me know.

Trying to slow down the time, learning to love solitude.