This is not a post about college couples and how they cuddle. It is about an analogy that has completely changed my outlook on waiting. I am sitting in the atrium part of the R. H. Stafford Branch library right now (the part with all the trees and rivers) with a latte and a stack of books, and I am astounded at the amount of middle-aged men in business-wear that use this library and come to sit at the tables to work. I actually am always astounded by this at coffee shops in general, and I've been thinking about writing my Senior Seminar Psychology paper on it (either that or why people choose which bathroom stall in public restrooms and why. Still need to brainstorm more, clearly.)

Anyways, last night, we were sitting outside, watching the sun set behind the field (right before we went inside for apple strudel), and Kirsten explained this comparison that a mutual friend of ours, Megan, had told her. I know from experience that nannying provides a lot of time and angles to think about, and it seems that children always end up showing shades of the eternal in amazing, unexpected ways.

Here is the analogy: Imagine yourself holding an infant, rocking her gently up and down in the nook of your arm while you wait for the milk you are about to give her to warm up. The baby is screaming. No matter how much you try to soothe her with your words or dry her tears, she cries and cries, unable to understand the nourishment that is soon coming. "Baby shhh...I can't give you this milk as it is right now - it is too cold for you. I have to warm it up still. If you would just be calm, instead of screaming and flailing about, we could just... be... cuddling right now. I could hold you near me, and you would feel my heart, and you would be safe."

This is how I am with God sometimes. I generally find myself too busy wailing about my current setbacks and pain to really quiet down and listen to my Father's wisdom and just be close with Him. But this simile makes me want to sigh with relief. To understand that I can just rest is so peaceful and life-giving to me. He would just hold me if I let Him. What could be better?

Hope that today, you are understanding that you are the ransomed, and He is jealous for you and knows you better than yourself. Off to finish The Problem of Pain and start Cold Sassy Tree.

All my summer lovin, Lo