So I'm sure this post will seem unusual and out of the blue to every guy who reads it, but I know the ladies will understand. The Gap that I work at has four connected stores that stretch a couple hundred feet through the outdoor mall. Lately, they've been floating me around. I usually work in Adult or Gap Body, but the last couple of weeks, they've been sending me over to Gap Kids and my current favorite, Gap Baby. There are so many pregnant women who come there to shop.

Whether it's in the Maternity section in the back, the fitting rooms that connect Kids and Baby (where there is, for real, a pseudo baby bump that those who are expecting can try on), or if they are just there to pick out the tiniest of shoes and little one-piece outfits for their soon-to-be-arriving infants, the moms are all over the place.

I've noticed that most of these women are either in exercise-wear (Life Time Fitness is across the street) or they are with their own mothers. I have decided that when I am pregnant (if I ever get), I want to take pregnant-lady pilates classes. If your body is going to go through that kind of deformation, exercising on a regular basis has got to increase your chances of recovering. Don't you think? Also, I want to go shopping for pregnancy clothes with my mom. I know she will want to be a part of all of the hubbub and excitement of a new baby. And I want her there too. My mother knows a lot more about having a baby than I do (and she was a nurse!), and I can't wait to learn from her wisdom and care.

To any men who might not relate to these thoughts, if you had the anticipation of your body going through one of the most painful experiences known to mankind, you would think about it too.

These are just some things I was mulling over while I folded onesies at the cash rap today.