I am now very aware.

I normally pray very simply. Something like a child being put to bed at 8:00 and then crawling out of bed at 8:03, padding down the hallway, and sliding through the doorway to ask for "a cuppa water first, please?" Not as though I am sneaking anything, but I don't dance around the point much. Lately, I am praying God would teach me how to pray. As I was driving around Lake of the Isles this afternoon, I realized that the Lord has been incredibly faithful lately and has answered some of my simple prayers most directly. So I decided to make a list:

  • I prayed that I would find my keys (so I wouldn't have to pay $200 for a new key FOB). Kirsten found them under her couch.
  • I prayed that I would sleep really well last night. I woke up nine hours later, and my head cold was gone.
  • I prayed that Amy's classes would all line up so she could go to England. She found out yesterday that they do, and she has a plane ticket for August 29th. (Selfishly, I am a little sad). Not only that, but she can graduate on time too.
  • I prayed that I could get work off on Saturday, so we could leave on time for Seattle. After much hoop-de-lah, a nice girl named Beth took my shift.

There are more than just these, but some of them are confidential. After seeing this, how could I not value prayer more than I do? I feel very aware of His listening. He loves so much like a father.

I feel very cared for this sunny and green afternoon.

PS. If you are in the mood for a personalized postcard this month, shoot me your address, and I'll send you a little something in the mail from WA. I've been in a letter-writing state of mind the last few weeks.