Winter Edition 2.

I wore my coat all day today. Even inside - at my desk in all my classes and while I was eating lunch. I actually forgot what shirt I had put on that morning and was wearing underneath. It was 40 degrees out, but it was windy and felt colder.

Typically, I don't love winter. I don't like being cold (unless I'm trying to sleep), and in the winter, that's pretty unavoidable. (Someone told me that men have a higher tolerance for cold - is this true?) Last year's mid-west winter was one of the hardest we've had, and it stretched well on into spring. I don't want to be bitter or anything, but I can't help feeling a bit of unhealthy anticipation at this next wintry season.

In effort to stay cheerful and not be anxious about the snow that is coming, I'm trying to dwell on the cozier, familiar, and exciting things that are coming this winter. Dwell with me.

1. There is Christmas. About mid-August, I start wishing it was Christmastime (just like in late January, I start wishing it was summer.) I remember present-shopping in the mall with my family when I was little, and now, the mall smells like Christmas and familiarity to me sometimes. At the house, there are wood fires downstairs, homemade cranberry tea, and lots of cookie making. We always whip out the Mannheim Steamroller's CD from the 90's and set up the tree together. Really, I can't wait.

2. Warm showers. They're warm in the summer but feel even warmer in the winter, yes they do. Here's a tip. Let the shower warm up and steam up the room before you get in. It will ease the shock and make getting wet feel a bit less deathly.

3. Futons and movie nights. When the big blizzard hit last year, Els, Amy, and I pulled out the futon, bought a bunch of Reeses Pieces, crackers, and cheese and camped out with movies until it was over.

4. Snow Days! Now being in an apartment, I will miss the craze of the dorms when the school announces that there is no school. The tribes were pretty restless last year.

5. Snowshoeing. This on my bucket list of things to do before I die. Apparently Bethany's family has six pairs, and now she just told me [as she is sitting at her desk] that she's going to bring them to campus this winter so we can go. Life dream fulfilled. Check.

6. Candles. Yeah yeah I know this is an all-year-round thing, but somehow it just seems more snug when there's snow blowing around outside. We don't have a fireplace in our apartment (wouldn't that be a treat), so maybe we'll just compile all the candles we own together in a group and light them and pretend it's one (and be careful not to burn the apt. complex down).

7. Buy a good blanket. This is another tip. Get one that's really fleecy and comfortable. We have one at my house that feels like you're underneath seven sheep.

8. Winter playlists. If you have a good one, feel free to send. If you want a good one, feel free to ask.

9. The color red. It's a warm and toasty color. Learn to love it during the chill. Also, I just covered a pillow in that color fabric.

10. Think up interesting activities. Lack of warm weather doesn't mean you have to sit inside and wilt into a depressing cycle of movie-watching (although this is nice occasionally) and video-game-playing. I'm compiling a list (within my list) of outdoor and indoor things to do. Please feel free to add as it's not very big (this comes from my non-winter loving persona).

  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice skating in downtown Minneapolis
  • Getting onto a blue-square hill with my snowboard
  • Going to a cabin

This is all I have for now. Off to drink southern sweet tea with Bethany and Celinda...

All my frozen and sincere love,

- L