Around this time of year, I can generally only think in bullet points. All my paragraph-making abilities are going straight to schoolwork, so here is my attempt at a fragmented update:

  • Just decorated the apartment for Christmas; I now feel cheered.
  • Bought some Vitamin D for the winter months. Knowing my joy doesn't come from vitamins alone.
  • Misplaced my Bible (how does that even happen?) Luckily I have a spare. Hope someone is reading it somewhere and it's not just sitting in a corner collecting dust.
  • Learned I was addicted to caffeine over break due to a coffee-less headache. My parents told me this is to be expected if I quit cold turkey and supplied me with Tylenol and more coffee.
  • I miss Amy (who is in England) and Kirsten (who is in Spain). Literally counting down the days til they fly in.
  • Been having trouble falling asleep recently (this is not due to caffeine). Once I'm out, I'm golden, but it just takes a long time to get there. If you have any helpful remedies, do share.
  • Hoping to go snowboarding a lot this winter - any takers?
  • Had a good talk with Jesus on the drive back to my apt. tonight. I was on 94 when he reminded me that he is faithful to his promises.
  • After cleaning out my under-the-bed box at home, I found the journal I faithfully wrote in each day when I was 10. Re-reading it has been pretty awesome. Here is a list of things that I made to think about when I was scared of the dark while trying to sleep in 4th grade:

Good Things to Think About:

Christmas list, songs, softball,

boys, names for dogs, Christmas,

magazines, sports, names for babies,


(Clearly I knew what was good in life.)

  • Looking forward to going up to the cabin in three weeks.
  • Slightly whelmed (not over, just regular) about the upcoming projects and homework coming this last part of the semester.
  • Learning that love looks like patience a lot of the time.
  • Got to paint my nails the other night. It was fun to do something recreational.
  • Dreamt that my house was getting attacked by Transformers while I was waiting at the bus stop watching. Does this symbolize anything?
  • Learned first hand this weekend what Black Friday moms are really like after a long shift at Gap.
  • Wanting to go on more walks recently. If you'd like to go on one, let me know.
  • Oh hey, my eyes are actually getting heavy. Maybe blogging is the answer to my sleeping issue. Bye!