There's Chocolate Everywhere.

There are peppermint extra-dark truffles on my nightstand. Regarding the candy dish in the living room, it's safe to say that this household could empty the bowl in less than a day if we really wanted. In fact, this happens often.

The Ghiradelli chip cookies and ginger snaps are comfortably tucked away in the beige cookie container in the pantry. (*TIP: to keep cookies fresh longer, place a piece of bread in the jar or bag. The bread ends up drying out instead of the cookies. It really works!)

When there's processed candy everywhere in the house like this (which is rare as my parents are rather organic), it only means one thing: winter break. I turned my last final in Thursday evening when it was dark and drizzling rain at about forty degrees. All the streetlights were on, my shoes were wet, and it was the same feeling you always get when everything is finally submitted. Done. Done done done.

I love catching up on things that can get pushed to the side during all the studying: bedside-drawer cleaning, quilt sewing, coffee dates with people, Elisabeth Elliot, laundry, some much delayed quality time with Jesus, and of course, blogging.

Haven't forgotten you:)