Fiddle Faddle.

This year seems extra filled with transition. Maybe it's the living in an apartment. Although I really enjoy that. Maybe it's because two of my closest friends just came back from studying abroad in Europe and are transitioning in major ways themselves. Their hearts are back in London and Seville. Maybe it's just because the seasons seem off, and my habitual knowledge of January is disoriented. Formerly, there used to be snow here.

Everyone is together again, and we are all in and out, quiet and loud in our rooms together as we get used to living in community once more. But more than anything, we are full of a great deal of liking for each other as we unpack and try and fit all the tea that everyone brought back in the tea cupboard. There were some significant reunions in the state of Minnesota this year, I can tell you that. I have missed this family.

I am grateful for the little, regular things in life. The small shapes of time I get to spend with people. Today I'm going grocery shopping with Amy for a bit, and it will just be normal as we still shop in the usual way we've always shopped. I think this is nice.

Going to head back to school now - student leader training is in full go mode at the moment. We are welcoming in all of the new transfers. Later, I will have a list for you, cyberspace, but it's still cooking. It will not be resolutions, but disciplines I've been wanting to implement in my life for some time now. Life goals?

For now, I'm going to finish my roasted red pepper hummus - this is the best kind - and my raspberries. Peace.