This Saturday Morning.

We all have at least three layers on right now. Kirsten and I decided that when the curtains on the windows are pulled back, it gets colder in the apartment. We think the fabric traps the chilly air between it and the window, but this could just be something psychological we made up in our heads. There's a thermostat in the hallway, but we all doubt that it actually affects the temperature when we set it at certain degrees. Someone else controls the heat here.

I have on three shirts, pants and wool socks, and I'm under my covers. Kirsten is dressed similarly, but she is cleaning things in her room. It's quiet right now. The warmest place here is in the bathroom after someone showers since the fan doesn't work quite properly, and it gets incredibly steamy. I like to stay in there for awhile after a shower because it's just so balmy, and I can almost imagine summer but not quite.

This morning was nice. We slept until we woke up - which happened to be ten o'clock - exactly what was predicted. Kirsten made homemade buttermilk pancakes, and I cut up bananas and strawberries to add to the mix. We lit candles because we can and then had a leisurely breakfast with pats of butter, syrup, water, the cakes, and the newest addition: globs of peanut butter. It had suspicious beginnings. PB and strawberries don't really seem to connect, but then it was decided that it was basically the same as eating a sandwich with jam, so we had some.

After scrubbing dishes together, Kirsten and I decided to take a brisk, wintry walk to Bou and back. It was windy cold, but the fresh air was nice, and we got the Redbox movie returned on time. Our legs itched and were painful as they unthawed back inside the building, though.

All four of us have to work soon. There's about an hour and a half of free time left, so I'm trying to make the most of it. I'm thinking lunch is next on the docket. I can hear kitchen sounds right now, clanks and the microwave, so someone else must have the same idea as me. First, I'm going to finish this chapter in my book though, and then I might consider getting up.

This is not lackadaisical, just relaxing.

Have a happy Saturday, Lo