My Computer Charger Just Broke.

Good thing I have cool friends who know how to fix stuff like that. It's a dark gray, humid and stormy morning out - last day of classes. I think it always rains during finals week; even last December, when it was supposed to be snowing, it was raining somehow. Feels like tradition.

Here is what I have left to do this year:

- A 10-page paper on social media and communication - An 6-page paper in the place of my Classic Literature final (thank you Dr. Aling for canceling that, blessings upon you.) - A 3-page paper on a stress-related disease for Psychology of Stress Management - Continued revisions on my personal essay/poems for my Writing Capstone - One final. A test for Survey of American Literature on Monday

There it is.

I'm very much looking forward to this summer. I'm working at the front desk in the Student Center and interning at Minnesota Public Radio and Redleaf Press. Both internships are few enough hours that it works to do both. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Nervous because I'm not sure what to expect at either internship. I know I will be clueless for the first couple of weeks and completely dependent on my supervisors to show me how everything works. More than nervous, though, I'm excited. I love starting new things, and I've been praying A LOT about these next few months and what they look like. Feeling peace from God.

Amy and Garrett got married this last Friday, so Ames has all her stuff packed up and is half moved out of the apartment. There's a lot of transitioning happening roommate-wise at our place right now. I don't want Kirsten to go to Virginia (there I said it). She is going to be amazing, though; she's working as a site director for YouthWorks, and I know God's going to do cool things with her heart. Not to mention she's going to do cool things with the hearts of those who are blessed to be on her staff and site. Thank goodness for Skype.

On to more trivial things - we've been out of pepper for some time now. We like highly seasoned food at our apartment. This is me writing a note to myself to get more next time I go grocery shopping. Speaking of, this is me writing a note to remind myself to go grocery shopping. Haven't gone for over a month. Living on Ritz crackers, peanut butter, and frozen peas right now. Peanut butter is such a necessary staple for poor college students. It's been nice this week to have leftover lasagna from the Student Activities dinner. Our room has been feasting.

Well I'm sitting in the coffee shop with Els and Drew right now, and we are all at odds with our homework. We don't want to do any of it.

This is officially a ramble. My teeth hurt.