Peaches, hydration, and summer storms.

I swam in a lake today. My hair is still damp, and it's pretty humid out. I think it might storm later. Everyone's extraordinarily hot, and people keep walking over to the drinking fountain (I'm at work) and slurping for two minutes straight. It's nice to feel a bit worn out from swimming, have a little sunburn on my nose, and be freshly showered in the middle of the afternoon. I feel officially summered now. It was a little weird not moving back home for May/June/July after the semester ended, so summer didn't really have that big physical break for me.

I've always enjoyed summer. Vitamin D does good things. I was talking with Drew today, though, over giant hunks of cheese, pork tenderloins, and water crackers about summer noises and how sometimes they sound lonely. Here are the sounds I don't like in the summer:

The beeping sound garbage trucks make when they back up.

Birds that make overly shrill or repetitive calls; or crows.

Sometimes planes; unless it's night.

Windy, lonely trees.

People hammering on their roofs or decks.

Moving on to the positive, here are the things I do love about summer. I went biking down at the lakes in Minneapolis yesterday, and everything was summer to the max:

The smell of sunscreen. Coconut, water, cocoa butter, and beach sand all mixed      together.

Sprinkler sounds.

Mowing sounds.

Very green trees that grow over roads and make canopies.

The heaviness, smell, and look of everything after a rainfall. Like you're in a clear cloud.

All the green in general.

Everyone congregates together at beaches, parks, exercising; community increases.

Grilling, smoky smells.

Corn on the cob.

The sky is especially nice some nights, right after the sun sets.

Watching the radar before a storm.

More time for sleeping, reading, resting, eating breakfast in the morning and truly living life.


P.S. 200th post! Happy birthday blog!