Bathroom Edition.

This might be TMI, but I think that bathrooms are some of the most peaceful and thought-provoking places in a home. I was thinking back this morning on all the bathrooms in all the different places I've lived: the large, spacious bathroom at home, painted a flush rose color with a bathtub separate from the shower; the annoyingly small bathroom in my first dorm room which automatically turned a loud fan on at the same time as the light; the ugly tile and long counter space that we somehow made attractive when we were on Res Life on The Row (this bathroom is just a blur in my mind, I barely remember it since so much happened in the busyness of that year); the bathroom we have now - a shower curtain with birds on it (put a bird on it!) and a turquoise vase with flowers resting atop the toilet. Once I was in a bathroom at a friend's house in Des Moines that was painted a very calming blue, and I decided right then that when I have my own, paintable bathroom, it will probably be some sort of the same color.

I think I enjoy bathrooms a lot because they are one of the only places you can go and be guaranteed alone time. A great many conversations with the Lord happen for me there which I don't think is blasphemous in the least because He is an intimate Lord and wants to be in every part of our honest, mundane life. On days when I've just cleaned the room, swept and scrubbed the floor, machine washed the brown shag rug, and sprayed everything with 409, I'll occasionally take a magazine or my Bible and journal in there later in the afternoon or evening, light a candle, and just sit on the floor and breathe.

There can also be community in a bathroom too. I have great conversations with my roommates while we are spraying hairspray and brushing makeup on our cheeks. And I know that someday I will talk with my husband if we are both in the bathroom at the same time.

Anyways, it's one of my favorite rooms. I like to make and will continue to make the atmosphere in the bathrooms I own restful, soft, and welcoming. After all, you enter a bathroom several times everyday. A lot of processing can happen in there.