Musings from a Book Store

This is just an excerpt from my journal this afternoon while sitting at Barnes & Noble. I thought I would share it.

New journal today. This is an exciting moment.

I am people watching from the Starbucks cafe at Barnes & Noble. There are all sorts of people, mostly older, mulling about and paging through books. In front of me, there is a man in a leather jacket with a long, gray-blonde ponytail. A woman holding an empty coffee cup is standing next to the table, talking to him about someone they know and "identity issues."

Now a man with a cane strolls up to the cashier at the cafe and only says "Cheese pizza," as he hands her his Visa. Some more older men. Finally, I see a young person! She has an artistic, sparkling purse slung over one shoulder and long brunette hair. A guy sitting at a table drinking fizzy juice out of bottle keeps staring at her, but she doesn't notice.

I can smell flatbread and paninis cooking on the grill, and they make me think of green peppers, Dubliner cheese, and pita bread. I'm eating broccoli cheese soup, and I got a slice of Godiva chocolate cheesecake in a to-go box for good measure.

The store is already decked out in Christmas colors even though Thanksgiving hasn't come on and gone yet. It's mostly reds and golds and centered around stands of specialty chocolates or gourmet caramel corn. There is a stand of shimmery tins of Christmas tea to my left. "Holiday" flavored. From where I'm sitting, I can see a big sign next to a table by the door that says The Hobbit, and it makes me excited all over again for all the literary movies that are coming out soon: The Great Gatsby, Anna Karenina, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, and all the others. There are a lot of great movies coming out in the next year.

It feels good to have some time alone today. Just wanted to say that.

Another woman with a cane! She is trying to hobble down the two steps that lead from the cafe. I'm concerned. She made it. Slowly. I like her neon yellow shirt. It's nice when elderly people no longer care what people think of them and wear anything. It's nice when younger people do that too.

Oh! New development! A store clerk is rushing by. He has on a red and green striped tie that has little bells attached all over. He looks like he is on a mission.