Update Before All the Other Updates.


It's finals week. Students are huddling for warmth by the fireplaces upstairs in the Billy, and most have a cup of coffee attached to their side like an IV. Books surround people in piles. As I look out over the dining hall, I see that simple carbohydrates are the choice dietary habit of the day. It's been pretty cold for about a week now, and the ice was extra hard and slippery on the street this morning. Even with heavy-duty Sorel boots on, I slipped on my way out to the parking lot, and had to go back inside for a more substantial coat. In spite of all this, I am feeling fairly peaceful.

I just want to say that I have now completed my first final of the week, turned in a 13-page paper for the same class, and am now about to meet Jake for coffee. I am tired, caffeinated, and don't really have any more thoughts than that.

The 5th annual Little Women Christmas party. Only the best of movies. Photo cred to Kirsten and her iPhone.