Things That I Have Learned Since Working a Full-Time Job


Not saying I've mastered this list in any way, shape, or form, but I have been thinking a lot about each of these points. There is something nice, while difficult, about the discipline of learning throughout life. Feel free to add your own lessons learned to this post.

Things That I Have (Almost) Learned Since Working a Full-Time Job
1. How to take notes very quickly via notebook and pen (like I didn't master that in Physiological Psychology class...nope, sure didn't).

2. How to walk quickly in heels, pantyhose, and a pencil skirt so as to keep up with boss, co-worker, secretary, or otherwise.

3. Make lunch the evening before! No matter how you feel! No matter how much you convince yourself that you will make it in the morning! You won't! Do it now!

4. Also, breakfast!

5. Go to bed early. 10:00pm. Heck, 9:00pm.

6. Let your car warm up for at least 15 minutes before you get in it. Chances are, the sun will not yet have risen when you're ready to begin your morning commute, and things will be especially cold and frozen over.

7. Keep creativity active in your life. Don't succumb to the cubicle or the windowless room. Write a poem on a posty or draw a picture. Not everything needs to be facts and logic (unless of course you thrive off of that).

8. Process life with people. While this should be happening all the time, it is especially nice when one graduates or begins a full-time job. Is this normal? Am I allowed to work overtime--wait, should I leave early then? Can I take more than one bathroom break? What if there's a snowstorm?

9. Pray. This is one aspect of your life that will never change and where God will always be faithful. Whether you're taking that restroom break, in a meeting, or on your morning or afternoon commute, Jesus is present and wants to talk with you.

10. Grow and cultivate your community. You're probably graduated, and you probably have a lot of time. Why not rest up from finals last semester and then go be with people? There is such beauty, grace, growth, and fruit from interacting with and enjoying the gift of relationships. This might mean you have to pursue others.

11. Don't get discouraged. Being new at a job, it's easy to wonder if I'll ever fully understand what's going on, not have to ask questions, and be confident in each and every decision. People tell me this will come. So I trust them.

12. Be humble. I don't know everything. I'm also not in control of everything--which can be really scary sometimes. Don't try and control each and every life circumstance (rather that be not having a job or having a job). Learn to be teachable, patient, and wait. Good thing God's in charge of the world.

13. Enjoy. College is over, and life as an adult is happening. So much room to be present in each moment and learn things I wouldn't have had time for in other seasons of life. Room for pursuit, room for enrichment and experience, and room for continually deeper relationships.