Getting Away


Maybe it's because I'm a person who really values change and variety in my everyday life, but taking a trip or getting away does something really peaceful to me. Whether it's a vacation to Duluth or camping at a state park or even just sleeping somewhere other than my brown-post, duvet-covered bed at my apartment, going somewhere new and different rests me in a way that nothing else can. Tonight I'm staying at a friend's house to spend some time and also as an experiment to see if my work commute will work from this direction. I might be living here come summer! It's been nothing but a restful evening: glorious flank steak with peppers and rice for dinner, some lovely after-meal conversation, and mugs of mint chocolate ice cream. Can I value a shower? Even the shower was wonderful. It's fun to be in a different bed under different covers.

Well, I'm going to continue soaking this up. Early, early morning tomorrow.

Goodnight one and all!