Sometimes it takes you six matches to light three candlewicks. Just saying. What a week. I cried a lot on Friday. I think my one eye is swollen because of it. It was good, though--a great release of some emotion and a chance to get it all out there. A good cry is often the perfect medicine, and afterwards, everything generally seems better--sort of like that feeling you got when you were ten and had been swimming outside in the lake under the hot sun for hours. When the evening came and after a warm dinner, you were exhausted in all the right ways.

I have my coffee and granola here next to me now. It was a stressful week at work, and there is an equally intense week that is right around the corner. After the 13th, however, all will be well. On the bright side, however, we have just found an apartment near Grand Ave! And it is 64105_4654735768017_1291825379_nexactly what we were looking for. Wood floors, a brick wall, curved archways and old-fashioned light fixtures, lots of space, a big kitchen, and a vintage tub. And a screened-in front and back porch!

Despite all of this, I got pretty nostalgic when I pulled up to the apartment I'm sitting in now--the one I've learned to call home for the last two years. It's strange that we'll soon be packing everything into boxes and going our separate ways to new homes and new roommates after two years of this. It's also funny to look at the ugly plaid couch across the living room and think about giving it away or dumping it in a dumpster. So much has happened on that couch over the past four years (we had it in the dorms too). So many tears shed and deep, nighttime talks on those cushions. So much food eaten on it and movies watched and naps taken. We studied late into the night, read book after book, and graduated via that couch. It really is ugly, though--gold, olive green, and 1970's burnt orange--all meshed together. It dips down in the middle and the arm cushion covers fall off almost every day. I can't help but simultaneously hate it and love it at the same time. Kirsten always said there was no such thing as an ugly couch, and you could fix anything with the right pillows. It will be sad to leave all of this, but I'm also excited to move on to something new. God keeps telling me to trust Him, and see what's in store next. I'm enjoying the anticipation this time around.

Well, time to get ready. I'm getting my hair cut in a couple hours (on none other than Grand) and then going out to eat with family and friends for my mom's birthday. 53 today! If you think of it, wish her happy birthday because she is the best of moms.

- L