Here's what I've done so far today. Well first I will give you the facts that it is President's Day, and some of us who work in schools have today off, it's blizzarding outside, and one of my closest friends is getting married five days. Also, I have a quilt over my lap---the one my mother, grandmother, and I made together---and there is a half-empty cup of Starbucks sitting on the bedside table.

Today, I woke up at the late and glorious hour of 10:00am. I am told that once I am older, I will wake up at hours such as 4:00am and 5:00am simply because of my age. (Does that really happen? This makes me sad.) After I got up, I tried to get a shipping label to load on my computer for 20 minutes. That didn't work. I got ready for the day, put on my coat, wool scarf, knit hat, mittens, socks and winter boots, grabbed my package to mail and shuffled out into the blizzard. Despite the frightful weather, my neighbors seemed cheerful shoveling driveways or walking their pups.

There's one woman in my apartment who walks her dog, in the winter, everyday at 7:30am. I know this because we always run into each other when she's rounding the corner and I'm about to climb in my car to go to work. Her dog is medium-sized with a teddy bear face and curly-hair. His tail wags so hard that his entire behind wobbles, and of course, he's always happy to see everyone. There's also a cat that belongs to someone in our apartment building, and often, it escapes out into the stairwell. We'll open our door to run errands or grab something forgotten out of our cars and jump a little because there's a grey cat sitting on our welcome mat, staring curiously. Sometimes she'll meow until we open the door.

This is me going to deliver my package to the UPS store today. Just kidding.

This morning, I wiped all the snow off my car, got in, and drove myself several hundred feet down the road to the UPS store where I promptly mailed my package. Then I walked to Starbucks, got a coffee and an egg and sausage sandwich, and perused my phone for information on pricing for nearby gyms. The street outside the coffee shop is always charming in the winter, and it was only the twenty-minute parking sign that got me to grab all my gear and head back home.

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