The last few months, I've had the pleasure of collaborating over some art with Chris Behnen (check out more of his films over at Pinstripe Productions). Take a look at his latest film below, titled "You and I," which circles around the conceptual exploration of relationships. "Gather," a poem I wrote to pair with the film, also centers around this concept. If you're not familiar with abstract art, one of its major points is to evoke ideas and questions. We want you to push deeper. We want you to ponder, and we encourage any conversation or wonderings you might have.


Gather by Lauren Bernhagen

Constellation of face—what holiness is this? White sky, four birds left, layer skin on skin on breath on lake on that small organ pumping in your hand.

Morning loch fog-caked, and you, glass for eyes, leaking a glare all over the harbor. Ice chipping communion across drift.

A crack and this deepening. Snow—careful sink. I look, note one thousand portraits hang on the walls of your mind.

Lionheart ache. Doesn’t everyone want to walk off, holding hands with the fiercely gentle?

You small thing. Smoking shard, distance blurred. With soul growing toward water bottom in a rush, you hide to shatter the deep.

We curious people, nervous, filling with grace.