Rainy in DC

527fa2096a4908d7d9b7a4c3f7e7e7d6 After a lot of hunting, I finally found a place to plug in my phone and computer in the DC airport. It's at a standing table overlooking ramp 25 and the dark airport and its blinking lights. It's thunderstorming powerfully outside, and the rain is pushing great pools of water in heaps across the concrete. Lightening cracks straight out from the gate, and I can see the fissures and ruptures the strike makes in the sky. Even though I know it's what's delaying our flight, I can't help but enjoy the storm and enjoy the time to stand and stretch my legs.

I've been reading a moody book the last several days and was pretty absorbed in it on my flight from Burlington. It's good, but a little overdramatic and heavy. To lighten things up a bit, here are some links to check out. See you soon Minneapolis!

Yoga and dance classes outside in the park? Uh, yes.

Yes, I did sign up to test this new app.

My favorite lip tint. My lips get dry a lot, so I often avoid lipstick or anything that might dry in clumps of color. The best part of this one is that no matter your skin tone, it pulls just a bit of color from your natural lip color and moisturizes at the same time.

Looking for a job? Check this out. (via)

If you're into fashion blogs, this one's a good one.

Because why wouldn't you build this?

Coolest water bottle ever.

I'm all for well-designed websites. And this one tells you if your browser needs to be updated. (via)

I couldn't agree with this more.

I also love this website and how it keeps track of all the books I've read and all the ones I want to read.

Speaking of, I stopped myself three different times from buying this book from an airport bookstore. It's easy to forget about libraries in the moment.

So lame, but made me laugh.

This looks like a really interesting documentary. This does too. And this.

iOS 8! All the new perks.

The ultimate shower. This would make showering the greatest of all things.


Photo: Stylesight