The air was a perfect mixture today. This is why I love living in Minnesota...I love that we have cold weather 75% of the year and the rest is an exemplary mix of mild summer and rain. There's no shuttle to Maranatha at night, so this evening, I buckled my peacoat and prepared myself for a blast of quite colder than usual wind. I was pleasantly surprised when I pushed open the 200 lb. door and it was perfectly comfortable out. It was like that feeling when you got when you were eleven years old and floating three feet underwater. Liz and I used to have breath holding contests in the pool and after thirty seconds of being suspended motionless under the water, we'd move our hands slightly and the water would feel like satin around our fingers. Anyways, so the air felt like that I think.

I am perfectly content tonight. I had a couple hours to myself after class in which I finally got to clean. When in the mood, I am a cleaning fiend...this usually occurs when I am slightly stressed out or have a lot on my mind. Somehow putting everything back in its place physically helps mentally. At least I think that's how it works. Anyways, so I cleaned to the brilliant sounds of Dustin O'Halloran and drank tea and then went to get ready for the second performance. What an evening.