this thing will last forever

I got a new toothbrush holder today. And I am happy about it. That sounds a bit trifling, but let me explain. Our old toothbrush holder is made of plastic and metal, and after a year and a half of love, it began to show signs of rust and extreme wear. Now, the thing is just downright gross and totally unacceptable for holding anything that goes in our mouths. The new toothbrush holder, however, is made of chrome and probably will still be around in 2098.

I got to visit Amy today and since we will have an apt. together in approximately 1.5 years, I consider this toothbrush holder to be hers as well. And so we celebrated our new item with Ritz crackers, Milano cookies, and the P&P soundtrack. I have to admit, the conversation over the tb holder may or may not have morphed into further thoughts and plannings for our apartment...

Ready to brush, - Lo