lovestruck and words

I think we're all aware that the term 'Christian' doesn't hold the same countenance that it did even a century ago. So what then are we to refer to ourselves as?

Religious? Spiritual? Follower of Christ? ...Lovestruck.
Ultimate reality. Living for the unseen. The longing, the frustration, the peace.

How do we truly explain to someone who cannot see, who doesn't believe...all of the wonder, the comfort, the esteem, His jealousy, our fear and respect, the giving up of one's self, the significance, the passion, the consuming, the calm, the existence, the vigilance, the being.

Something epic. A legend, a crusade? So simple a child can grasp it, yet something that even the most perceptive theologian cannot completely unravel.

All the words in one book could not do. The English language cannot possibly capture it.
Can it?

How do we culminate that into one word for someone.