paintballed window

As I sit here and struggle to write a six page paper on male anorexia, I thought I'd write a little blog, and now that I'm here, I realize I have nothing to say except various statistics on premorbid impulsiveness and the eating habits of adolescent men. I maybe have a little. I just turned on some Crooked Still, made some Good Earth tea, and got some almonds, and that helped my paper-writing mood a bit. Oh, our window got paintballed like an hour ago by some men in hoods. We're not sure who they are, although we have our suspicions. When we looked out the window, they quick threw their hoods up, ran, and jumped in the waiting car. the funny thing was, they drove off with the door open...even all the way around the corner. Made them feel more intense, maybe? Sadly, we no longer have a view to look at as our window is now a bunch of rainbow streaks. Welp, see ya later.

Please be satisfied with your body image men, Laur