put to sea.

Okay so this isn't anything terribly deep or weighty, but I just got this picture of a ship stuck in my mind the other day when I was thinking of my life. Ha that's a bit trite. I think this is a very normal reflection.

I have like three really important decisions that I find out about soon and will basically change the direction of my life a bit. I've been waiting on the Lord and putting my hope in Him, but that doesn't change the fact that when "it" doesn't go quite the way I planned, things get a little sticky.

Hence, my brainpicture of the ship.

When you are sailing straight forward, it's easy. You have momentum, you can plan ahead, everything is unwrinkled and effortless. But when you need to change direction (or the Lord decides that your life needs to change direction), it takes A LOT of effort to turn the obstinate wheel. It takes much strength, it's usually hard, you strain and sweat and muscles shake. But once you have turned and have begun the new course, the sailing is smooth.

The turning will probably be hard. It'll probably hurt a little. I'm a stubborn wheel.

But I believe the Lord's guidance...and that I'll end up where He wants me when it's done if I turn when He tells me to.