forget [fer'get] verb - trans: fail to remember.














I bought a $1 mini grow-your-own flower pot kit of forget-me-nots a couple weeks ago. It came with this little pattie of soil that magically grows when you pour a couple tablespoons of water in the seriously was fascinating to watch. Brie and I just stared at it for like three minutes straight as the dirt bubbled and expanded. Anyway, so the directions said to put a maximum of ten seeds in the soil (I think this is because the roots would get tangled if there are any more than that)...but, since I had a great lack of faith in my flower-growing abilities, I dumped probably close to twenty in.

I think this may have been a poor decision. With great joy, I awoke yesterday morning to find fifteen little sprouts reaching towards the window. They were so fresh and green, I made Brie get off the couch and come look. I was so proud.

Good news: they look healthy. Bad news: I hope they don't all kill each other as they take over the pot. I'm going to need a babysitter for this plant over break (March 4-14) to mediate any possible quarreling, any takers?