so was this.

I got the smoked ham for lunch todaywhich I would never normally do, and bent my fork trying to cut it. But it was good. I had to make a really big decision today so I went into a little room where they store tables and chairs, and prayed. Then I received peace. I set two alarms this morning for 6, slept straight through both of them, and woke up on my own at about 7. Wasn't even late. Sometimes I think I'm a little crazy with things. Look at me, making a pattern here as I write my doings. Oh well, its satisfying my want for order. Apparently, dark chocolate has moved up, the food pyramid fully supports it and claims it has as many antioxidants as dark vegetables. I can't lie, I'm extremely pleased with this news. Dark chocolate is probably close to my favorite food. Just thought I'd take more lines to gush about that.