Jesus-talks through Skype.



















Meet Amy Wutke. Beautiful woman of God, encouragement to my faith, and absolutely hilarious. She is someone who knows my heart deeply and is one of those people I could just sit with on the couch in silence for a couple hours, and it would do nothing but deepen our friendship. The people who know her know how good she is at loving others well. She's probably embarrassed reading this right now because she's also an introvert. She's in England right now, studying abroad and getting all cultured, but despite the six-hour time difference, we are making it a priority to talk via Skype at least once a week (if not more). Last night, we talked about materialism and idols and how they're all over England (and America for that matter) in the form of clothes, labels, and looks. Sometimes when your soul has holes, it's easy to start filling them with the things that you can touch instead of clinging to truth. It's exhausting. And it makes your heart sick. By the time I get to the evening some days, stress mounting with unfinished homework, different quirks of relationships on my mind, and unanswered emails sitting in the inbox, all I want to do is pull the covers over my head and stay there forever. However, I've been learning what it looks like when "the Lord's mercies are new every morning."

People like Amy spur me on toward filling my heart with beautiful things stored up in heaven. I miss her a lot and am very much awaiting December when she flies home.