Some Days I Love the Midwest.

I'm sitting in a small, log-built coffee house in a little town somewhere in northern Wisconsin with Amy right now. Job searching. We have apple cider, and there are candles and jars and books for sale all over the place along the walls and in shelves. Also, in front of me, there is a Christmas corner packed with lights and tinsel and pine boughs (gotta love Christmas year-round in the small, northern towns). A man with glasses on top of his head is sitting there by the ornaments, looking very seriously at a book and pulling on his mustache. This morning we woke up to a bit of drizzle and fog outside. The lake was ideal and stretched out in a vapor right up to the pines. I have to admit, we were up very, very late watching movies, making homemade pizza, and figuring out how to turn the hot-water heater on in the basement of the cabin. So we both ended up sleeping until about 11:00am. It was slow waking up, but after spinach and feta omelets and slow-drip coffee, we were on our way into town.

I feel near perfectly content right now.

On a completely different note, I've been thinking about Christmas and New Year's a lot lately. Very much looking forward to seeing old friends and having our families all together eating and drinking and laughing. Secret dream: would love to spend the holidays in a rented lodge or chalet with a bunch of family friends some year, maybe make it a tradition. We would snowshoe, go sledding, cut down a Christmas tree the old-fashioned way, make pies and all sorts of good meals, and sing carols at night by the fire. Just a thought. If you'd like to join me in this ambition, let me know.

In honor of this goal, here's a New Year's song that the Woodbury crew has been playing on repeat lately. It was also Alyssa and Justin's first wedding-dance song. Happy rainy day.