7 More Saturdays Left in My College Career.

Today, it is the weekend. After a long hard week of tests and presentations and loads of homework, I have finally made it. I felt that I should at least recognize this achievement via my blog. I also, felt that I should recognize that I made it through this week without any sneezing, coughing, headaches, or sore throats. This is a great accomplishment as all three of my roommates caught the same cold in the last two weeks, but I have an immune system made of steel (I haven't had a cold in years) and am quite healthy. I feel bad for them though. Especially Kirsten, she had it the worst. Currently I am sitting at the desk, getting some little things done that I had put off this week due to school. Nothing too demanding. It feels good to check some of them off my list.

There are two mothers waiting for their students over by the fireplace in the Student Center, and the bit of sky I can see through the window looks stormy. No one is really around because it's early morning on a Saturday and college students sleep in on the weekends. I feel cozy and warm thanks to the space heater under the desk. Here is what I am looking forward to this weekend:

A nap.

Going to Side Show tonight with Kirsten and Jamie.

Having post-show ice cream pie and games at our apartment with Kirsten, Jamie, Elsie, Drew, Joe, Skyller, and hopefully Max if he can.

Church with Kirsten. Between all the traveling and weddings we haven't gone together on the same Sunday for some time now.

Seeing Amy. We don't know what we're doing yet, but it'll be something good.

Time to write/journal.

Cleaning. I feel sleepy and thirsty, so now I'm going to get some water, turn on some music, and read a little Pharisectomy (which you should check out because it's the greatest). Have a nice Saturday.