The Blog, A Scene


There comes a time in every blogger's life when he or she has to decide what exactly their blog is going to be about. At least from a marketing standpoint. Narrow or broaden the audience, and claim a theme. Heartbreaks, relevance, family tales. Now, some might say that this ship may have already sailed, but I don't think it's ever too late to start afresh. Just mulling over the next season for this blog and if things might narrow down a bit. Something beautiful I saw today was this: I was driving down County D, on my way to the library. The sky overhead was white and grey, and there was no sun. The roads were icy enough that I was driving slower than usual, and I could hear packed snow clumping up under the belly of my car. It was a residential area, and I was about a block out from a stop sign when I saw two girls. They were probably twelve or thirteen, walking down the side of the road with their pajama pants and Uggs, one with thick, snarly hair (let's be honest, it will soften out when she's older, and one day, she'll suddenly look in the mirror and think, beautiful), and the other with a saggy sports sweatshirt and long legs. Now, I only saw them for about a second and a half as I passed by, but as my car rushed past, I watched one girl's face suddenly crumple into a sob. It was such a flash of emotion, such an honest and pure look, bright in my eye, that I shifted my glance to the rear view mirror as soon as they were past, so I could watch. In the second I could still see them, the listening friend reached over and took the crying girl's hand. And then they were gone. Two specks in the back window, blending in with the trees, and I was rounding the corner.

The rest of the drive, I couldn't help but think of how grateful I am for togetherness. For that handhold. For friends that listen and give advice or don't. For the ones that have trusted me enough to really cry in front of me and tell me little pieces of their heart. For eating ice cream on the couch and watching Parenthood or making big plates of bruschetta together and everyone grouping together to eat at the table with ice cold waters, fresh mozzarella, and grapes.

I think it is a great thing that each human can know, somewhere deep inside, how to love and how to truly be with.