March Initiative


I heard it throughout my time in the writing program in college, and I still hear it today. In fact, it's what the author at the book reading I went to a couple weeks ago recommended as well. It's what anyone in the writing world knows and advises: write every day. So that's my goal from here on out for the month of March--to write something on this blog everyday. Some days it might be more than others, but it's my intent to get at least something posted here each day. Today, that means a winter playlist. I've heard birds chirping outside the last few days and even wore a raincoat on March 1st in honor of the new month but then decided that was a bit premature (mainly because I was freezing all the way to the gym and back). These songs say this season to me---cold but almost spring.

1. Eagle's Nest by Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps4ee2095d8c3944541acdfe8f0e72b007 2. Broken Horse by Freelance Whales 3. Lindisfarne II by James Blake 4. Just One More Day by Otis Redding 5. I Found a Reason by Cat Power 6. Hero by Family of the Year 7. Big Bird in a Small Cage by Patrick Watson 8. The Bad in Each Other by Feist 9. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today by She & Him 10. Red Hands by Walk Off the Earth 11. So Long Lonesome by Explosions in the Sky 12. Michicant (Bon Iver cover) by Kinna Grannis 13. Threnody by Goldmund 14. Stuck On You by Meiko 15. Song for No One by Miike Snow

Enjoy with some hot chocolate or coffee, and if you don't have a fireplace, wrap yourself up in some quilts, light some candles, and read, knit, eat, talk, or whatever else you love to do.