Finally, a first glimpse of spring! Today was rainy, foggy, and damp---my favorite of the weathers. I've always liked the month of March. Partly because I may or may not have a birthday during it and mostly because it means that the long, midwest Minnesota winter is coming to an end. Driving home to my apartment this evening was nice, especially on 94W when we rounded the big curve in the freeway and were right underneath the skyscrapers in St. Paul but couldn't see them because of all the fog. The streetlightsImage were soft and haloed, and the windshield wipers swished back and forth every now and then to clear the mist off the window. It was wonderful. There's still quite a bit of snow on the ground, though, and my body, mind, and spirit are thrashing out in all impatience for it to melt and be gone for another nine months. I'm lying in my bed right now, listening to the rain outside and feeling very happy that at least part of the process of spring has begun. There are great puddles everywhere---more like small ponds---in the giant potholes in the street and in the places where our apartment parking lot dips downhill.

I'm hoping to hear the birds again in the morning while I sip coffee and read. I'm already looking forward to waking up.