What's Next


The apartment is quiet, short of Elsie brushing her teeth in the bathroom. I can hear something clanging outside the open window---a wind chime maybe or the flag on the flagpole of the hospital next door. It's comforting. Every now and then I can hear people walking up and down the stairs and opening and closing the foyer door. Sometimes I can hear bits of their conversations.

I'm alone on the couch enjoying the cold air drifting in close to the ground. Somehow we've lost all control of our thermostat, and the heat rises and falls now on its own accord. Today, I woke up from a nap hot and clammy with my covers kicked to the foot of the bed. We run a fan to keep things mediocre at night, though, and it usually does the trick. It's funny to think that I have lived in this apartment for almost two years now and that our lease will be up in May. It's been the perfect place for the season we've been in, but we're all ready to move on from here to whatever is next.

Things that I am thinking about right now:

- Where to live come summertime. I have a couple options, and I'm praying for direction in which to choose.
- The book I'm reading. With by Skye Jethani is rocking some pretty deep-seated beliefs I've had throughout my life about the Lord. For the better. I'm also enjoying the book Lilith by George MacDonald.
- Tetanus shot and dentist appointment tomorrow.

Well, I was hoping something deep and profound would emerge from this post but nothing has. Goodnight anyways.